E-Commerce Solutions

CMS-driven eCommerce System


Electronic commerce generally known as e-Commerce is a kind of industry where the buying and selling of goods and services is handled through an electronic system, for instance, the internet and other computer networks. E-Commerce draws on technologies such as automated data collection systems, inventory management systems, electronic data interchange (EDI), online transaction processing, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer and mobile commerce.


E-commerce is commonly considered as the sales aspect of e-business. It’s also comprised of data exchange to facilitate the payment and financing aspects of business transactions. This is an efficient and effective technique of communicating within a company and one of the most useful and effective ways of conducting business.
We cover:

  • The creation of “virtual storefronts” or e-tailing on websites with online catalogues
  • Boutique design
  • The actual buying and selling aspect of online store that embodies the combination of worldwide accepted payment gateway facilities like PayPal.



E-Commerce Features

Public Pages

  • Home page with featured product listing, image slider and other links that needs to be promoted right from the home page
  • Products or service page – product listing by product details or category with checkout button
  • Payment procedure from cart checkout to payment as appropriate if redirection to integrated payment gateway is require. Delivery fulfillment restructured by means of admin panel switches.
  • Support Pages:
    • About the company
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Contact page with an inquiry form
    • Privacy policy page
  • Sign-up/Registration Page
  • Log-in Page
  • Shopping Cart – lead towards membership, checkout and purchase fulfillment.

Private Pages

Pages that are available after logging in:

  • All pages in public pages section are also made available here
  • Change name and password
  • Change billing address
  • Change shipping address
  • Change Password
  • Order History – shows a catalog of all your orders
  • Log-out

These pages are generally served by means of secured socket layer, abbreviated as SSL. Subscription to SSL is your responsibility so please contact your hosting provider for SSL subscription.

Admin Pages

Pages dedicated for only website administrators. These are frequently served via SSL.

  • Page Management – allows you to change textual based contents.
  • E-Commerce Management:
    • Products/Services Management:
      • Product Shipping Class
      • Product/Service Attributes
      • Product/Services
      • Product/Service Categories
    • Order Management:
      • Order listing – filterable by date, status and by customer
      • Order details – allows you to view details of orders
      • Order status – allows you to update order status. If you stock inventory, you can take action on whether to decrease line stock, increase the line stock or delete the line stock
    • Setting/Configuration:
      • Payment Gateway
      • Tax
      • Shipping