Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Connect yourself with your target market anywhere they might be with a mobile app. From, communication, business, to entertainment and social, our mobile app solutions keep you acquainted with your customers. Ninja Consulting is a mobile app development company based in the Philippines servicing the world and we can provide you with ways to mobilize your advertisements, transactions and brand information with custom mobile apps.

Why chose Ninja Consulting application development services?

Take the smart initiative for your business and expand your brand’s reach to mobile consumers. We at Ninja Consulting provide mobile app development services for both Apple and Android devices using highly sophisticated developer tools like Xcode for iOS, Android Studio for Android and Eclipse. Our mobile app developers can develop interactive game apps, e-commerce apps, productivity apps, catalog apps and more.

When you chose Ninja Consulting mobile app development services, you will be provided with:

  • A user-friendly and valuable mobile app for Android or iOS that can easily be accessed “real-time” by your customers anytime they need it.
  • Clear design aesthetics to make sure that your mobile app will provide a memorable user experience to consumers.
  • A team composed of usability experts, user interface designers and mobile app developers that will work closely with you to make your mobile app on par with the top and most popular apps available in the market nowadays
  • A maintenance and support solution for the duration of your contract with us to guarantee that your mobile app remains operational, regardless of mobile software updates.

Nowadays, mobile is the new face of consumer involvement. No matter what sort of business you have, if your business is available on mobile, your business will ultimately flourish with a higher market reach.



Types of Mobile App we can develop at Ninja Consulting

Get the right mobile app for your business. We develop native apps, mobile web apps and hybrid apps.

Native Apps

Native Applications are mobile apps built for a specific mobile operating system like Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. These are mobile apps which you can easily download from Google Play or App Store, install on your mobile device and simply run by tapping the app’s icon.
The primary advantage of Native App is its high degree of reliability and fast performance. As Native Apps work with the built-in features of device, they usually perform well and are faster. Native Apps are generally used for mobile app solutions which need offline data management in the mobile device. Users can use a few Native Apps without having an active internet connection, making Native Apps the ideal apps for mobile solutions that need to function without having an internet connection.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps are mainly a “mobile version” of a web application or a website. It has the same elements of your web app or regular website – feel and look, content, pages, navigation, etc, however it features a mobile-friendly layout that provides improved functionality and readability while viewed on a mobile device.
Mobile Web Applications are a set of web pages, are made using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, but are packaged in a way that allows them to function as an app on a user’s mobile device. The web apps or websites are packaged as mobile apps which might only show a particular set of web pages to the users while on mobile. These apps are cross-platform mobile apps that run on the device’s web browser. Mobile Web Apps allow users anywhere anytime access using any mobile device or a mobile operating system, without compromising the user experience.
Mobile Web Apps are cheaper and faster to develop than native mobile apps since there’s no need to develop separate apps for iOS and Android.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are somewhere between Mobile Web Apps and Native Apps. They are more rapid, simpler to develop and easier to maintain than Native Apps. Hybrid Apps are written with web technologies, for instance, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and run within a native container allowing your application to be installed in a device just like a Native App this means it can also be downloaded in Google Play and an App Store.
The great thing about a Hybrid App is that it combines the benefits of Native and Mobile Web App in a single application, providing your app with the aptitude to be discovered and distributed in iOS and Android stores while you get a full-screen web view of the content inside your app which can easily be controlled and updated. Unsure which sort of mobile app is suitable for your business? Contact us and we will help advise you of the perfect mobile app solution for you.



Samples of mobile applications we can develop

Here are a few samples of mobile apps which we can develop for you:

Productivity Apps

Organize everyday activities with productivity apps. These apps involve storage, planners, reminders, alarm clocks, memo pads, calendar etc. Being armed with further mobile utilities, for instance, planners, converters or calculators will keep your users in sync with their to-do list and boosts work effectiveness.

Location-Based Apps

Let location-based apps lead the way for your customers. Location-based information services are digital distribution of information particularly based upon time specificity, user behavior and device location. Location-based apps can be used for geo-tagging, tracking, emergency, weather, traffic, navigation or maps. Looking for several locations, getting traffic information and tagging customer address for deliveries can become convenient and easy with location-based apps. These guides provide you with ways and sometimes with voice or non-voice navigation.

Entertainment Apps

Capture images, listen to music and stream videos. There are several apps that are devoted to viewing images, editing and capturing, downloading and playing audio and video files, sharing and storing these apps on social media networks. Entertainment apps are the most downloaded apps by mobile users.

Interactive Game Apps

Get interactive game apps for your business. Prop up your digital marketing campaigns with interactive game apps, for example, adventure games, puzzle games, card games, board games and get a stronger brand recall with higher user commitment. These kinds of apps keep users of all ages strongly familiar with your brand.

Educational Apps

Make learning a great, fun experience with educational apps. With more students using mobile and tablets devices to study, there is now an escalating demand for educational apps. These apps include quiz games, language arts, dictionary, audio books, drawing, library, e-books and everything that is incorporated with learning. Entice your users of all ages to improve their aptitude, to connect, think and use information with custom educational apps.

Lifestyle and Leisure Apps

Give a daily dosage of lifestyle and Leisure tips to your users with these apps. We develop apps that will interest your users ranging from fitness manuals, fashion tips, cookbook apps, sports apps, how-to guides, meditation apps, wellness apps and more.

M-Commerce Apps

Sell to your customers “anywhere-anytime” with m-Commerce Apps. Mobile e-Commerce apps bring the marketplace closer to customers – take your stores into their cellular devices. You will be able to process data orders quickly, promote your products and services easily and interact with your customers. M-Commerce apps can be accessed by everyone with an internet connection and they’re very easy to use with rich functionally.



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